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Social Media ROI Suite

The eValue™ Social Media ROI Suite is designed to help Brand Managers optimize their social media spending. The tools within the Suite measure the relative efficiency of social media accounts, the Return On Investment of social efforts and finally, provide data on best practices and optimization tricks that will give users a competitive edge on social media performance.

The ROI Suite includes the following tools:

Efficiency Calculator

The eValue™ Efficiency Calculator compares the relative engagement performance of a brand's Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts against the efforts made to manage the accounts. The resulting 'Efficiency Values' are then compared against a growing pool of benchmarked social accounts from global brands to determine where the subject account ranks (from 1-100) in terms of its efficiency.

ROI Calculator (Coming Soon)

The eValue™ ROI Calculator offers worksheets for the calculation of Return on Investment according to various social media ROI scenarios. You input data on your social spending as well as destination accounts and the Calculator will provide ROI figures based on leading financial models of social media marketing and system efficiency value. Once calculated, your ROI will be referenced against your 'Efficiency Values' to calculate the potential for increasing Return.

Trend Analyzer (Coming Soon)

The eValue™ Trend Analyzer scans our database of over 6000 corporate social media accounts to identify trends in your competitors' social media activity which could give you an edge in your account management. Available data includes industry-wide trends regarding likes, comments, retweets and other engagement activities generated by competitors, frequency of posting and more. Best-practice trends can also be generated to offer insights into how the 'best of class' social media accounts manage their activity.

Optimization Library (Coming Soon)

The eValue™ Optimization Library compiles social media optimization tips and fixes to commonly occurring issues with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube management to assist you in generating a maximum of engagement with your activities. This ever-growing knowledge-base can serve as a Do It Yourself optimization guide.