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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from your competitors?

The social media analytics space has exploded recently, with many competitors trying to create the most in-depth analysis possible. This information is often presented in an overwhelming manner and one that allows for little clarity for marketing managers.

The advantage of the evalueTM suite comes from the background of the tool as well as the simplicity in how information is displayed.

With a background as an agency, we understand the difficulty in evaluating the return on time and efforts. We also try to cut through the muck and mire to focus on metrics that are critical for brand managers and marketing executives.

All of the number crunching is done for you in evalueTM. You are left with concise stats and recommendations for improving your performance, based on your actual results.

What is the difference between the plans? Which one is best of me?

The plan that is best for you really depends on your company, industry and goals. If your industry only has a few major players the basicplan may fit your needs. If you are looking to compare many brands with country specific pages or are trying to research strategy the global plan might be right for you. If you need more assistance deciding, please feel free to contact us.

How often is your data updated?

The data in paid accounts is updated on a daily basis. If an account isn’t in our database and is added to one of your campaigns the data will be gathered and updated within 1 minute. All other information is updating in a cyclical schedule that is dependent on the growth of the benchmarking tool and new accounts. The reason for this is based on limitations of each network’s API.

Where do you get your data?

All of the data gathered is publically available through the API for each social media network. Because we are comparing similar data for each account we ensure that all accounts are measured on a level playing field.

Will my competitors know my data?

Since we are using publicly available information, the potential for competitors to see your information is possible. This does not diminish the importance of knowing what your competitors are doing.

I want to compare companies from my region or sector, how can I do that?

The tool compares accounts on a percentile scale based on the entire database of over 10,000 accounts. By adding an account to one of your campaigns you are able to compare directly to that account. Accounts you may choose to follow include; your own accounts, your competition, or social media pioneers you’d like to model your strategy after.

If I have a question – who should I contact?

Please contact for support. If you encounter a problem that requires immediate assistance phone 514.317.6448 and someone will be able to assist you.

How does your algorithm work?

Our algorithm is a weighted system for input and output where actions are given a score based on the effort and reward. It is based off of the Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm to reflect the benefit you will see in youraccounts. The proprietary algorithm is our “Secret Sauce” exact weightings and functions are not made public.

Is it possible for me to hide my data?

We currently do not offer this service, if a company chooses to track your account they are able to.

What if I only have a Facebook/Twitter/YouTube account?

The evalueTM algorithm will change to reflect those accounts that are being measured. It does not penalize those networks that are not being used. The ability to track other competitors in these networks can still be of value as an aid in crafting strategy or to monitor their activity.

I want to track 15 brands not 20. How can I do that?

If you require a custom plan or additional features please contact us at and we will try and find a solution.

What is an Efficiency Value?

An Efficiency Value is a calculation of a social media account's relative cost-efficiency.

Efficiency Value's logic is based on reward systems hard-coded into online social networks that make high-engagement social media accounts perform better than their low engagement counterparts by reaching and influencing more people. >For more information, download our White Paper "Engagement IS Efficiency"

By measuring a social media account's relative engagement against thousands of others, we arrive at its Efficiency Value. To perform this comparison, our algorithms must first normalize eachaccount's engagement values against all 'non-organic' influences such as fan base and frequency of content publication.

How is an Efficiency Value calculated?

An Efficiency Value takes a given account's Engagement Values and normalizes them against expense variables, named Baseline Values, to compare net engagement with hundreds of existing corporate social media accounts. Accounts are ranked on a 0-100 percentile scale, always relative to all other benchmarks. The ranking system evolves with the performance of all companies benchmarked.

What are Engagement Values?

These values are the numeric totals of organic user interactions with social media accounts. On Facebook, these are likes and comments, on Twitter they are retweets and mentions, on YouTube these are comments on videos. eValue's score system adds up interactions that areknown to be rewarded by social networks with higher reach and influence.

What are Baseline Values?

Baseline Values are used to normalize engagement scores in the Efficiency Value system by smoothing out the advantages some accounts may gain due to increased capital or resource expenses. Baseline Values are drawn from areas typically related to expenses and investment by the entities managing social media accounts. Where communities are typically built through paid campaigns, their number is counted as a Baseline value. Similarly, the frequency of content production from account administrators is also considered a Baseline Value as it is related to a human resources expense.

What are User Posts?

User posts are those interactions that a user other than the brand has with the page. These are the Engagement Values used to calculate the Efficiency Value. On Facebook, these are likes and comments, on Twitter they are re-tweets and mentions, on YouTube these are comments on videos.

What are Corporate Posts?

Corporate posts are any piece of content created by a brand page, these include posting of statuses, images, videos, on Facebook, tweets and re-tweets on Twitter, and the posting of videos and comments on YouTube. The algorithm uses corporate post as expenditures or as a baseline values with which user activities are measured against.

How can I get a product demo?

Submit your request for a trial at and we will get back to you shortly. Requests will be handled on a per casebasis, please provide company, industry, position and availability.

Do you have a media kit available?

Please contact along with supporting press details in order to receive our media kit.

How did the development of the evalueTM suite start?

Engagement Labs the company behind the evalueTM suite has a background as a digital agency. After numerous requests from brand managers for meaningful KPI’s that relate to Social media we set out to tackle this problem with a suite of tools that solves an assortment of needs and situations.

When will additional tools in the evalueTM suite become available?

We are actively working on the code and design for the second phase of tools. Version 2 for the optimization library will be available July 2012, with the ROI calculator and trend analyzer to follow shortly thereafter. Follow our Twitter and Facebook Pages for all product announcements.

Are there plans to add other networks to the evalueTM suite?

Yes, we are currently evaluating LinkedIn, Pinterest along with the Chinese network RenRen. If you use these or there are other networks that you would like to see added, please let us know at

Are there plans to add additional tools such as analysis tracking to the evalueTM suite?

We are exploring a number of additional tools and will announce upcoming tools when they are put into development. If you have a need that is in line with the current offerings, please contact us at

How can I get more information on the evalueTM Social Media ROI Suite?

Please contact and we will get in touch as soon as possible.