Terms of Use.

Terms of Use

The evalueTM accession agreement is effective upon receipt and acceptance by evalueTM of the application form. The notification of termination of membership is to be submitted in writing by either party addressed to the receiving party.

Members agree to allow Engagement Labs to interrupt or prohibit access to any one of its members to evalueTM, without prior notification.

The termination of access to the site evalueTM is a satisfactory notification of termination of contract.

Terms of Access

This agreement is not a transfer of title, or license of evalueTM. By accessing evalueTM, members expressly acknowledge acceptance of the terms of this agreement. Members allow evalueTM to refuse access to its site. Unauthorized access to evalueTM is prohibited.

The site evalueTM is protected by copyright law. Any reproduction or dissemination of information on this site by, for, or to a third party is strictly forbidden.

Non Disclosure Agreement

Members understand and agree that information disclosed through evalueTM may contain trade secrets owned by evalueTM. Members agree not to copy (in full or in part), or to disclose information used on evalueTM to a third party.

Members also agree that the user accounts and passwords assigned by evalueTM are not transferable and should only be used by their original incumbents.

The provisions of this agreement for non-disclosure are essential for the proper functioning of evalueTM

Legal Notice

Engagement Labs and the site evalueTM disclaim all liability for loss in connection with the use, or application software, or data.

Engagement Labs and evalueTM disclaim any responsibility for any consequence of direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages whatsoever (lost profits, loss of contract, loss of profit, loss of business).

The provisions of this Legal Notice are essential for the proper functioning of evalueTM.

Use of Information

evalueTM uses information gathered on the site for the sole purpose of better serving its members.

Your password is encrypted. We recommend that you do not divulge your password to anyone. In addition, your registration Information is located on secure servers that only staff can access through a password. codes your information during transmission to prevent unauthorized third parties from viewing this information.