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Social Media #Analytics made clear and simple

Social media can be chaotic, and the huge pile of... stats can be overwhelming. Today you have to make sense of the mess, and show results. evalueTM was created to help users optimize their social media efforts with benchmarked KPI’s that go beyond likes, follows and hunches. Engagement is the key to success — getting some shouldn’t be left to chance!

We currently track over 25,000 brands

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Measure your brand against a global benchmark. Compare yourself to the 25,000+ brands that we track hourly. Identify & understand unique industry behavior to ensure that you’re always a step ahead.

Everything you need

Selecting the right tool ought to be about your needs, not about following the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker.

Mission Control

evalueTM’s user-friendly dashboard measures and identifies which activities are hitting the spot, and where you need some extra help. We believe in meaningful numbers, clear graphs, actionable reports, and tough love.

Easy Reporting

Grab graphs and tables with just a click of a button or export into Excel for easing reporting.

simple, yet Smart

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Boost your performance by keeping on top of key metrics. Monitor trends and events affecting your evalueTM, fan growth and engagement, and make simple tweaks to gain the edge. Pinpoint the strategies and content that work to stay on top of your game.

Peace of Mind

Customized Alerts

Make sure that risks never become crises with our real time alert system. Spot opportunities others would miss, stay in the know with customizable notifications, and be confident that you’ll be taking actions and getting results before the competition even wakes up.
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Making business social

Social Media has changed the way we connect with businesses and has forever raised our expectations in those interactions. By activating social media throughout all the areas of their business, companies will truly begin to understand what their customers need and want.

Plan, Act, Learn And Iterate

evalueTM suite allows users to execute campaigns that rely on validated learning. By understanding the data, social media managers will be able to gain valuable ROI insights and define baselines for social media success.


By providing smart data, evalueTM reignites the focus on engaging content rather than paid audience acquisition.

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