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Social Media # Anal ytics for Brands and Agencies

eValueTM Social Media ROI Suite is a key component for any successful social media initiative.

By focusing on engagement, we give you the competitive advantage required in today's social business climate. We do all the work of organizing the competitive data to give you the critical insights so that every dollar spent leads to engagement.

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We currently track over 20,000 brands

Efficiency Calculator

Measure the efficiency of your social media efforts against key competitors and a global benchmark.

Trend Analyzer

Track changes over time. Understand which actions and strategies are creating lasting engagement.

Optimization Library

Optimize your presence with actionable recommendations that point a clear path forward.


Our alerts function gives reassurance that you know when activity spikes or fansize drops.

Sentiment Analysis

See what users think of your brand and the topics that they care about most. See the effects of your efforts.

Social Benchmarking

We've indexed all of our brands to give you greater insig ht by understanding Industry and national trends.

"The best ROI from social media efforts is achieved when money is put on engagement strategy rather than paid audience acquisition. Social media is a conversational medium so it is important to focus on content that generate interactions between users and give less reach to promotional messaging. As brands pay more and more to reach the same audiences, engagement is the only variable that can be used to measure the cost-efficiency of social media campaigns."

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