Our Scores.

The eValue score

The eValue is a score from 1-100 that measures the effectiveness of a brand’s overall social media performance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. It’s the aggregate of the three subscores of Engagement, Impact and Responsiveness, which work together to create one top-level KPI.


To create the eValue score, our subscores are calculated using hundreds of sub metrics which are then benchmarked against a hand-picked database of 75,000 verified brand accounts on each channel. The closer you are to 100, the higher you rank within this database.



Measures the level of interaction (Like, Comment, Favorite, Share, Click, etc.) generated by your content and how well your community reacts to it.


Measures how many unique users may have been exposed to a piece of content posted by the channel’s admin through organic, viral and paid reach. It can be used to describe how well your content spreads across a given channel.


Measures the rate, speed and quality of your responses to fans. A low score represents many missed opportunities to engage directly with potential customers.

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Simple and valuable
social media indicators

The eValue analytics platform offers unique and actionable indicators for brands on the results of their social and digital marketing efforts.

Accessible, Continuous and Trackable social media analytics

A successful set of metrics has to be continuously available for reference. Once a brand is entered into our database, we track it in perpetuity.


Benchmarking over time is crucial in determining social media ROI. The eValue analytics™model includes real-time data benchmarking within an industry sector or specific competitors. We only use public data and separate organic and promoted content to standardize our measurement.

Global and Local

Brands can be measured at both at the local and global level. Our metrics take into account the duality of the measurement in order to provide users with the right scope, based on whichever geography or language is most pertinent to them.

Simple and Transparent

eValue analytics™ KPIs are simple and focused, for anyone from a junior marketer to an experienced CMO. Our methodology is transparent and based on extracting raw data from social networks in order to measure them using a unique algorithm.


eValue analytics™ measures social media performance on various channels and sources to offer a full-scope analysis of where your brand stacks up within its social media ecosystem.

Social media measurement philosophy

Every industry uses social media differently. Therefore, it’s best to compare an eValue™ score (or subscore) with other brands from within the same industry or cluster, in order to get the most meaningful and contextual benchmark as possible.

The eValue analytics™ measurement philosophy considers fan engagement to be the backbone of all social media strategy.

We believe that Engagement is the most important precursor to leveraging the benefits that social media can provide to your brand’s online presence, towards achieving maximum ROI. For that reason, the eValue™ score will always put more weight on the Engagement component of a social media account’s overall performance.