Sometimes numbers speak louder
than words.

eValue™ Scoring System

  • The eValue™ score distills what it means to “do social media
    into one standard, top-level performance score; providing
    marketers with the most sophisticated and intelligent
    way to assess their social media performance.
  • The eValue™ score ranges from 1-100 and is aggregated
    on three subscores - Engagement, Impact and
    - which are each calculated using thousands
    of data points we gather from across the social web.
  • Get a more detailed description of how
    our Our Scores are determined.
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Competitive Benchmarking

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  • Instantly benchmark any brand on social media
    against its competitors on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Our unique indicators enable you to easily understand
    your competitive position, market share, and relative
    performance in comparison to your competitors.
  • Whether it’s content, engagement or customer service
    trends and best practices - learn what’s
    working, what’s not and where to improve.

Analytics Hub

  • Our platform provides you with one, centralized hub to measure your analytics across the leading social networks:
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Deep dive into the unique set of more than 250 metrics that are updated every hour with eValue™ Analytics.

Real-Time Alerts Staying ahead of the curve

  • Be the first to know when unusual spikes in activity occur to you or your competitors.
  • Stay on top of content that is gaining traction on social, be alerted as it happens.

Custom Dashboards

  • Set up customizable dashboards for your team to have instant visibility on key areas of interest.
  • Focus your team in on specific goals or clients.
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Exporting Reports

  • Share your work! Export reports or any given metric in XLS, CSV and PNG, ready to incorporate directly into your presentation.
(formats for export)

Events Tracking

(Events Tracking)
  • Using our Events Tracking feature, you can track your different social campaigns and see how their results impact the big picture.


  • Our robust and secure API simplifies the process of combining social data with your other business intelligence.
  • Use our API to request data for the brands you track, then directly incorporate into your marketing dashboards for further analysis.

( Premium Training & Support )

  • We offer an in-house resource center as well as product specialists to help set up your accounts and use the tool on an ongoing basis.
(Premium Training)

Professional Services

First the web shaped us.
Now we shape the web.

  • We offer a broad range of value-added professional services and solutions to support the entire scope of your digital and social marketing programs.
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